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2019-02-16: Lazy Loading Rather than loading the whole content when visiting the page, specific reviews will now be requested once you click on a main entry. Statistic tables are excluded from this change. This should decrease loading times immensely and lead to a more fluid experience.
2018-12-26: Statistics! Hooray! Major update: You can now browse through different statistic tables - a lot more information will now be collected and summarized in those, including fetching the VNDB ratings in case users have linked their profile in the flair! Have fun playing around :). How about putting the filter to 2018 and seeing how your review year has been?
2018-12-25: Report Function To help with cleaning up falsely registered reviews, every entry can now be reported (red "report" button on the right of every entry). I will receive an e-mail notification for new reports regularly and can then manually review and hide them from the list. Usually, they should be hidden within the next 1-2 days. Thanks to 8cccc9 for this idea.
2018-12-24: Sort by Date + Marking New Entries The archive can now also be sorted by date - every thread will get its own entry, untranslated topics are marked as such. Additionally, any entry written within the last 14 days will be marked with a golden *NEW*.Thanks to Bunny_Stats for the suggestions. Merry Christmas everyone!
2018-12-23: Added More 2014 Entries and Manual Links The database has just been updated - it should now contain entries with manual vndb links (e.g. with www), as well as more entries from 2014, which reddit's search currently doesn't bring up. Manually added entries from the original archive without vndb links might be added as well in the future.